We have puppies!

17.06.2021 O-litter puppies were born! 2 black males, 2 brown females father: Anima Vero Evil Elir mother: Anima Vero Celestina more info >>>

We have puppies!

21.05.2021 N-litter puppies were born!  1 black male, 4 brown females father: Pride of Russia Trayan mother: Anima Vero Aura more info >>>

We have puppies!

20.03.2021 M-litter puppies were born!  5 black males, 4 black females father: Anima Vero Evil Elir mother:Emily Jones von Doberthing more info >>>

Dobermans Anima Vero in a professional photo studio

💥💥💥Our super girls:💥💥💥 💝 Anima Vero Amelia (3 y) & ❤ Anima Vero Hecata (9 mon) Photo: Katerina Mumzhinskaya 🇺🇦 🏆🔝🏅 ANIMA VERO kennel Breeder: Alina Timchenko 🇺🇦 📱 WhatsApp +380990309234 📧 timali.av@gmail.com 💻 animavero.com   Thank you for the wonderful photos of the magnificent photographer Katerina Mumzhinskaya!  

We have puppies!

15.11.2020 L-litter puppies were born!  5 black females, 1 brown female father: Colt di Perlanera mother: Diamante de Luperca Chanel more info >>>

🏆🏆🏆 Show weekend in Odessa 🏆🏆🏆

18.10.20 САС-UA (Odessa, Ukraine) Expert: Елена Агафонова (UA) Anima Vero Hayala — 1 VP, Winner puppy class, Best puppy female Anima Vero Huracan — 1 VP, Winner puppy class, Best puppy Anima Vero Barbarossa Severina — 1 ex, CAC, Winner working class, Best female, BOB! 17.10.20 CAC-UA (Odessa, Ukraine) Anima… Далее

🏆 🏆🏆 Show weekend in Chernigiv🏆🏆🏆

Show weekend 10.10.2020 CAC-UA (Chernigov) Expert: Елена Агафонова (UA) Anima Vero Cesarina — 1 ex, JCAC, Winner junior class, Best junior Anima Vero Amelia — 1 ex, CAC, Winner open class 11.10.2020 CAC-UA (Chernigov) Expert:Катерина Перегуда(UA) Anima Vero Cesarina — Vice Winner junior class Anima Vero Amelia — 1 ex,… Далее

We have puppies!

19.10.2020 K-litter puppies were born! 1 black male + 1 black female father: Pride of Russia Hronos mother: Anima Vero Aya more info >>>

Magic Carpathians or Doberman adventures in Dovbush Rock

On September 22, we with our young Dobermans visited one of the most magical places in the Ukrainian Carpathians — Dovbush Rocks.     Anima Vero Evil Elir & Anima Vero Cesarina climbed huge rocks with great pleasure. For more details about our adventure, see our YouTube channel

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