About us

My name is Alina Timchenko. I am a professional handler and trainer of gorgeous Doberman dogs.

Since 1993, the Dobermans have settled in our house. These intelligent, brave and very beautiful dogs firmly occupied a place in my heart. Together with them I learned many disciplines. The idea to establish our own nursery came many years later, when theoretical and practical knowledge was worthy to bring them to life.

In 2017, I registered the nursery «Anima Vero» (translated from Latin, this means the True Soul). Since then, I firmly believe that Doberman should be not only beautiful, fearless and intelligent, but also healthy. Absolutely all our dogs participate in a show of the highest level in different countries of the world, pass training standards, and undergo a mandatory examination of various health tests.

If you want to get yourself a faithful friend for many years — write to us and we will pick you up a puppy.

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